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Powershell: Kill Idle Terminal Server/Remote Desktop Processes

We see a lot of these RDP sessions going idle with memory-hogging applications open, like IE/Chrome, ERP software, Adobe Reader, etc. When you have dozens of sessions, these small bits of RAM can really start to add up. And because the uses are needed 24/7, the sessions can’t be terminated. I thought it would be nice if there was a way to say “Hey, this IE process has been idle for an hour, lets just kill it.”

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Windows 8 Developer Preview – First Impressions

I don’t think this site could be considered Windows-centric by any means. The majority of articles I post tend to lean heavy on Linux with a smidgen of Mac OS X thrown in for good measure to stir the pot. However, I …

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No Timezone Redirection for Non-Windows RDP Clients?

As I previously mentioned, we’re rolling out some Fedora-based thinclient-like devices in our warehouse that boot up, connect to wireless, and then immediately start a full-screen FreeRDP session to our 2003 R2 terminal server, which is situated on the GMT timezone, with the “Allow timezone redirection” Group Policy option set. We run an (Windows-based) application on there that is central to the manufacturing process, that also relies on access to correct timestamp information, which is must pull for multiple timezones based on the host client that is connecting. That’s where the issue is.

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