Realtek RTL8191SEvA Wireless in Fedora 15: Now Out-Of-Box!

As an update to an earlier post, there’s now mainline kernel support in Fedora 15 as of 2.6.40 for the Realtek RTL8191SEvA wireless chipset. This is a huge win for a lot of people, as a lot of small nettop/netbox/netbook devices make use of this wireless chipset and it’s variants. As mentioned, the 2.6.40 kernel in Fedora 15 contains a lot of features from 3.0, which is currently available in Rawhide, but there’s no need to grab that just for this wireless.

See here and here for more info. Also, the next time you see a kernel hacker, thank them for all the hard work they do putting up with ridiculous demands from us, the user community!

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