Video Pick: X Windows System Tutorial

I’ve begun work on a side project that I’ve been investigating for awhile involving wireless, Linux-based, low-cost, low-power, centrally-managed, long-lasting terminal computer devices for use inside of kiosks at my workplace. Since these machines will operate on low storage space to keep cost down, part of the build process involves stripping out (or, conversely, not adding to begin with) the full-on graphical desktop environments you usually find in today’s popular distributions.

Admittedly, I either run a pure command-line environment or one of these fancy GUI’s that’s already provided for me, so I sort of take it for granted. But what about simplified base technology that drives them? Things have come a long way and have had some pretty humble beginnings in terms of *nix graphics. So just what is the difference between a display manager and a window manager? I set out to have these questions answered and stumbled across a rather nice multi-part 5 minutes/piece video series that breaks it all down. Check them out below, embedded for your convenience:

  1. I’m going to need my ware to handle the smooth ride for the upcoming series if possible.
    Don’t really like seeing the videos till job completion though for clear flow purposes.

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